Enbarr Means Imagination

Enbarr of Tir na nOg

Enbarr from Irish Mythology, oil pastel on black paper

In case you are wondering, Enbarr Art Therapy Studio is named after a horse from Irish mythology who carries riders from the immortal land of Tir na nOg to the land of men.  Enbarr means imagination, a fitting name for a wild being who travels between two worlds. Such travel is what  imagination does. It connects the world of dreams, images, soul to our  waking world, our  ordinary consciousness.

I have always been drawn to  Irish stories, music, and mythology.  This spring, after  having a dream in which a musician skilled in Irish music gave me a horse for which I needed to make a home, I began immersing myself in the story of the harper Oisin and his travels to and from Tir na nOg. It was through studying this story that I learned of the horse Enbarr.

My studio has recently gone through a few major moves in the wake of my own travels, and so it was in need of a new name to honor the new home I have made for myself, my work, and for imagination in the world.  I hope to see you soon at Enbarr Art Therapy Studio!

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2 Comments on “Enbarr Means Imagination”

  1. Elizabeth Frazee Says:

    Looking forward to more Enbarr stories!

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