Under My Skin – Poems of a Woman’s Longing


The books are here!  UPS just dropped off a box of them on my doorstep. After over 25 years of writing and relationships, and 6 years spent bringing the manuscript through various stages, Under My Skin  is complete!

The poems in Under My Skin speak of mothering, marriage, sex, divorce, crossing city-streets, and sharing grocery lines with strangers. Through these various interactions, the conflict-filled tension between a woman’s need to love others and to tend her inner life is expressed.  And while the relationships, people, and places within the poems are complex yet ordinary, the primary relationship explored within every poem of Under My Skinis a woman’s relationship to her own persistent and unremitting longing which she must hear, acknowledge and answer – not to silence or subdue this longing – but to learn to feel at home within it.

Copies of Under My Skin can be purchased through Amazon, and more information and sample poems are available on the publishers website:


 The book release reading will be on 3-17-2012 at 2pm at Bookmamas, inc. in Irvington. Norbert Krapf, former Indiana Poet Laurete, will be  reading some of his poems with me that day.

9 S. Johnson Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46219

Information/Inquiries Email: info@bookmamas.com

Telephone:  (317) 375-3715



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