Poem of the Month


Song of the Cicada


                                    What will you do,

                                    you, who have endured

                                    month after month,

                                    year after underworld year,

                                    in a dark silent place


                                    and now wake to a strange new strength

                                    and the desire to unbury yourself

                                    with which you squirm free

                                    and emerge


                                    into a world

                                    of sun and thunder,

                                    catalpa flowers and bees,

                                    birth upon voice upon song?


                                    Join us,

                                    the other ecstatic souls

                                    who are already here celebrating.


                                    Grow gold wings,

                                    devote the rest of your life to love-making,

                                    and raise an irresistible ruckus.








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3 Comments on “Poem of the Month”

  1. Mary Anne Cook Says:

    Hi Liza — I love the poetry on this site and would like to use some of them as inspiration in a weekly poetry writing group I lead for marginally housed/homeless people. I assume they are all written by you, but since they aren’t credited as such I wanted to double check before I used them and make sure it was OK with you if I shared them. Thanks– and thank you for this wonderful wealth of inspiration!

    • Liza Hyatt Says:

      Hi Mary Anne –
      Sorry for taking so long to respond to you. I got pulled into a major writing project last summer and am just now reconnecting to my blog. I would be glad for you to share my poems with your writing group. They are all written by me. Please check back in periodically with this blog to learn more – I will have a new book of poems coming out sometime this fall and hope to post more poems here in coming months.

      • Mary Anne Cook Says:

        I hope the writing project went well! And thanks for being willing to share your poems with our group. I suspect I will do so often. I look forward to reading other things you’ve written.

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