The Studio Space

With less than two weeks until Christmas, all my time and creativity is busy with holiday preparations!  But my thoughts are also turning toward the new year and what Enbarr studio can provide for those seeking a place to create, grow, deepen, and come home to their longing.

Another Studio View

Another Studio View

I have heard from several readers of blog that they are eager to come to one of the upcoming programs at the studio in 2010.  I am excited about sharing the studio with you!  Here are some pictures of the studio space, ready and waiting for us to come together again in January.


There's Room for You!

When I have more time, I plan to write next about beginning the new year not with last year’s uncompleted resolution, but with creative openness to renewal and change.  Over the holidays, if you have any thoughts about how you might honor your creative life in the coming year, post a comment on this blog. Maybe we can get a conversation going that will inspire and encourage us all!

Happy Holidays!

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