Creative Resolutions

Looking forward to more music and warmer weather

Looking forward to more music and warmer weather

Now is the time of year that we hear talk in the media of New Year’s Resolutions to loose weight, stop smoking, exercise. This is all well and good, but I often feel that talk about resolutions often includes focus on faults, guilt, and superficial appearances. To me, being healthy includes living with compassion, creativity, and in rich relationship with myself and others. And so, instead of making resolutions to change my flaws, at the beginning of each year, I like to think about what my creative life is calling me for and to give myself the gift of following that longing in some small and attainable way. For instance, one year I realized I had been reading only non-fiction about the environment and that this had been enlightening. But I was hungering for more playfulness and hope in my reading, so I chose to devote a year to reading fiction again. This choice wasn’t a rigid choice. If a non-fiction book that was truly inspiring came across my path, I read it! But I also had a great time reading fiction, exploring new authors, and found that my own creative writing came alive in new ways. Last year, I decided to take some risks playing my harp and singing – in front of other people, no less! I am still limited by “stage-fright” musically, but last year brought some progress and I am more in love with music because of it. This year, I am feeling pulled toward poetry and journaling again, and I especially want to explore creating a multi-media journal with images, writing, music, interwoven.I feel unsure of how to do this, so haven’t started yet. Hopefully, some of what occurs in this effort will make its way onto this blog.

What are you feeling creatively drawn toward? What are some of your creative resolutions for this year?

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