About: Soulfaring with Liza Hyatt

We are small vessels, sailing the wild sea of the sacred cosmos.

We are souls, amidst the storms and turbulence of our time.

To assist your soulfaring journey, I provide inter-spiritual and expressive arts focused spiritual guidance to those seeking to live and love more playfully, gently, and wisely on this Earth.

Soulfaring with Liza
me with two of my best friends.






Through these, we soulfarers tend the spiritual needs of our time. To serve this mission, I provide services of deep listening to those I companion. I help others thrive in their spiritual lives through engagement with perennial wisdom practices, poetry, creative arts, dreamwork, and carefully tending the search for liberation from suffering and false self. I live this mission in my work as spiritual companion, dreamwork practitioner, poet, therapeutic musician, and art therapist. Through active service and contemplation, I tend the need for deep nourishment many experience within a spiritual malnourished culture. I witness how ego-driven defenses in reaction to individual and cultural traumas and injustice hurt us. I know that we live in a time of institutional collapse and crisis, and that this liminal era is also a time of spiritual awakening and transformation. Engaging in our own soulfaring journeys, we become playful, loving seekers in healing relationships with other playful, loving seekers. Through this love, we help humanity emerge more capable of inter-dependence with each other and the Earth.


Spiritual Direction

In monthly, hour-long, individual spiritual guidance sessions, group sessions, workshops, and retreats I help seekers deepen their spiritual lives and engage more fully in spiritual practices that increase compassion for self and world. Creative arts as contemplation are an essential component of these offerings.


In bi-weekly hour-long sessions, I help dreamers experience the wisdom, healing and sacred encounters present in our dreams and discover how dreamwork as spiritual practice can free from conditioned responses to life.

Art Therapy Group Supervision

For graduates of art therapy master’s programs looking for supervision toward their ATR and LMHC credentials, I offer group supervision sessions on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 9am ET by Zoom.

Healing Harp

In hour-long sessions, I play slow, pulse-rhythm or non-rhythmic therapeutic harp music to assist those dealing with pain, stress, illness, or end of life transitions find relaxation, release, and comfort.

Let’s make

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