Services Provided

Liza Hyatt, ATR-BC, LMHC, CCM

This page provides an overview of services. More extensive information about workshops/group programs is provided on additional pages.


  • Poetry Recitation with Celtic Harp – in the bardic tradition of ancient Ireland, Liza provides poetry performances, accompanying herself with her 30 string harp
  • Beyond Burnout Prevention: Compassion Fatigue Vs. Compassion Initiation – a 1 hour discussion interwoven with art and poetry exploring the spiritual dimensions of burnout followed by a 3 hour experiential workshop supporting the creative and spiritual renewal of all who work in social service professions
  • The Creative Life – a weekend retreat, exploring seven aspects of the creative process, including longing, play, mystery, creative composting, spiritual maturation, community, and transformation
  • Art of the Earth – a weekend retreat exploring art forms which evolved through close human-Earth relationships (story, clay-work, dance, mask-making, poetry, music), and synthesizing new insights from such fields as ecology, eco-psychology, creation spirituality, and art therapy
  • Mining the Dark for Healing Gold – Writing about Difficult Relationships – a workshop co-facilitated with Norbert Krapf, former Poet Laureate of Indiana and author of Catholic Boy Blues.  Drawing upon perspectives found in depth psychology and creation spirituality, Hyatt and Krapf unite, in a rare gender-balancing collaboration, to address the spiritual wounding that affects all men and women in our culture. While sharing their individual stories – about a boy being wounded by a man he called Father and a girl being wounded by a woman she called Mother – they also enter into dialogue about our shared need to heal, at an archetypal level, the injured Masculine and the rejected Feminine. In grappling with the cost of this imbalance in their own lives, they celebrate each other’s healing and help workshop participants enter more deeply into such important soul-work.

To set up a confidential phone consultation with Liza about your needs and how to most effectively bring these programs to your community, please email

All services provided by:
Liza Hyatt, ATR-BC, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Board Certified Art Therapist

Certified Clinical Musician

Over 20 years experience providing psychological counseling and art therapy to adults in private practice and for local organizations including The Julian Center, IU Simon Cancer Center, The Charis Center for Eating Disorders

Over 20 years experience facilitating workshops, retreats, and art/spirituality programs throughout Indiana

Member of American Art Therapy Association

adjunct faculty at both St. of the Woods College and Herron School of Art

Author of The Mother Poems, Stories Made of World, Under My Skin, and Art of the Earth: Ancient Art for a Green Future


4 Comments on “Services Provided”

  1. Cathy Mendelson Says:


    I spoke to you yesterday and signed up for one of your workshops. I have not been able to find your coupon. Can you guide me.

    Thank you,


  2. Raymond Says:

    Liza: I am grateful to Branches editor Elsa Kramer for publishing my essay The Importance of Wilderness, as I read my essay I glanced to the right and discovered your writing From Hepatica to Epiphanies, so beautiful and struck me deeply.

    I am a wildflower lover, and am in pure heaven during the months of April and May when they bless us all. Thanks for your writing. Raymond g/m/w

    • Liza Hyatt Says:

      Raymond – I finally got to the library to pick up a copy of the latest Branches. I enjoyed reading your article too and agree with your concerns about younger people living in a tech world instead of a wild world. It seems that each generation has less wilderness which can be accessed locally and this is an immeasurable loss.
      Thanks for reading my article and letting me know it moved you. Branches is a great resource. I always enjoy reading it and writing in response to each new theme is a great creative practice too!


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